The Vedic Care Charity Cooperative offers the following services

Care Facilities and Services

Our vision is to have a care facility for end of life a care in each community around the world and to train up many devotees to care for each other in many ways throughout life so that our communities become just like the house that the whole world can live in that Srila Prabhupada envisioned.

Vrindavan Hospital

There are 24 rooms in this hospital facility, located in the serene village of Kiki Nagla about 4 km from Vrindavan. Vedic Care wants to start an Assisted living facility, a general clinic for the local Brajwasis and the widows/women’s sewing program in this facility. Please get in touch if you would like to do some service at the hospital or if you would like to bring someone for care.

Sewing co-operative

This project is our most recent and exciting. We humbly request that you would also get involved in this wonderful project and find a way to help either by donating for purchase of machines, fabric, or time. please get in touch and let us know how you would like to help.

VCC MP3 and Tablets Program

Many senior devotees have found themselves in nursing homes and hospice facilities where they are surrounded by karmis. This can have a devastating effect on the spiritual well-being of the devotee. However, the simple gift of an MP3 player or a tablet pre-loaded with Kirtan, Hari Katha, and so forth, can benefit the spiritual well-being greatly.

Farm Communities

We’d like to develop our education training projects, as well as small Farms and self-sustained Eco-Villages (this will require an small indigenous local industry for providing funds for the community). The goal is also to bring the Vedic wisdom of the old members As Mentors to the youngsters. We want to provide an environment of love and respect where all lives count and are useful (Life experience is also a currency as well as money), and when the body becomes weak, that the full support be there for a successful passage to the next realm.

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