“Any one who has given their life for Krishna, should be cared for at the end.”

—A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Our Causes

What We Do

The VCC (Vedic Care Cooperative) is an international, members supported organisation and umbrella association, for facilitating retirement homes wherein residents will be offered kirtan, katha, classes, seminars, consulting, counselling, self subsistent farms, health plans and other creative projects.

Care Facilities and Services

Vrindavan Hospital

Sewing co-operative

VCC MP3 and Tablets Program

Farm Communities

A Global Initiative

For the Well Being, Retirement and Hospice of Vaisnavas

Our retirement resources will allow Vaishnavas to spend their later years in like minded association, instead of being cared for in isolation, reacting to the symptoms of sickness alone.

Loving and giving make life worth living!

Care Facilities & Services

Our vision is to have a care facility for end of life care in each community around the world and to train up devotees to care for each other […]

Vrindavan Hospital

Please get in touch with us if you would like to do some service at the hospital in Vrindavan or if you would like to bring someone for care.

MP3 & Tablets Program

The simple gift of an MP3 player or a tablet pre-loaded with Kirtan, Hari Katha, and so forth, can benefit the spiritual well-being greatly.

“Please act on this need & kindly offer your support.”

— Gurudas